Hi all. It's been awhile. Long story (or stories), but now that I'm "retired" I have more time on my hands. I was busy the past 6 years working and living near one of my daughters in North Carolina. Had no time for anything else.

I still have my older gear and finally pulled them out of the closet again. Now I'm just doing it for fun and gifts. I looked through a ton of my photos from the past and thought it would be cool to make bookmarks for family and friends. Unfortunately, my computer broke and I'm running off an old laptop with no programs, so I can't make adjustments until I find some key codes to get my photo programs installed. Such if life. Life, indeed, has its ups and downs. But at least they were a hit with the family/friends and they were asking for more, which made me happy. But boy, finding things that would fit in a 2" x 6" space...haha

Looking forward to seeing what everyone's got posted these days, and reconnecting.