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Thread: Old Timer looking for HELP from Fellow Old Timer

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    Default Old Timer looking for HELP from Fellow Old Timer

    Hey Everybody!

    OK, so it's been two (2) years since I've been here.
    What's a couple of years between friends?

    Before I go on, I will pause to say,
    O' back in the day, back in the day!
    How I loved spending time here.
    Learning about digital photography.
    Parsing my way through the 4/3rds lenses.
    Waiting for the next/newest one to come out!
    I miss all that!

    And yes it's a little quiet, but I see names I recognize!
    Michael Meissner!
    and more, but those jumped out at me off the top!

    So I'm hoping some of y'all can give me some SYMPATHY and advice.

    I seem to have a DEAD E-1 here !

    And I'm really upset!

    Here's the situation:

    I've been in the habit of keeping 2 of my E-1s "batteried up"
    with a couple of my most useful lenses one on each.

    And I pulled out one of them tonight and it wouldn't power on.
    No problem, I thought; battery drained down.
    So I put a fresh battery in it... no joy.

    I've switched lenses, and batteries.
    Used the same lenses and batteries with other body.
    All parts work good with the other body.
    The "bad" body stays bad.

    And here's the curious data.
    My cameras have an easy life.
    I'm old, don't get out much.
    Mainly just take a few pictures now and then close around.
    All my photography gear stays in a bag in my office.
    Nominal conditioned temp and humidity.
    Camera worked last time I used it.
    And now it don't!

    Anybody got any ideas?
    Any drill to run? Thing to do?

    I'm really sorta distressed.
    I LOVE the E-1 (my only camera btw).
    Sometimes you just find something that you sorta meld with.
    And the E-1 was sorta that experience in the camera field.
    And I'm to old to learn another camera, fall in love again!

    Would love to hear any ideas.
    Anything I could/should do?
    Anybody to send it to?
    Olympus have a "legacy" repair department?
    Anybody else?

    Much obliged for any help,



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    Default Re: Old Timer looking for HELP from Fellow Old Timer

    I'm not sure Olympus services DSLRs, but there's gotta be some kind of a electronics repair shop that repairs old electronics nearby.

    Ultimately, a piece of electronics isn't like a hammer or a screwdriver. It can deteriorate over time. Could be some capacitor, could be some connector corroded, possibly somebody bumped into that bag of yours. For starters I would check the battery contacts inside the camera.
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    Default Re: Old Timer looking for HELP from Fellow Old Timer

    sorry for the late reply, But I hope this helps. Olympus has an E-1 page on their factory repair site where you can ask them about your E-1 problems. Go to this web site:

    I have used this olympus repair site in the past and they did a good job on both a lens and a body.
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    Default Re: Old Timer looking for HELP from Fellow Old Timer

    This is good information for me as well. I have an E-1, love how rugged it is, and simple to use, but have a four-digit code (can't remember what it is) that shows when I try to take any images.

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